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Two-Story Garages by Waterloo

For those who use their garages most frequently, this outdoor space can be about much more than simple storage. A thoughtfully crafted utility structure can offer years of reliable functionality, optimizing your equipment by placing and organizing for easy access. Waterloo takes pride in helping our clients plan and implement garage options that meet their needs and exceed their expectations, and our staff is standing by to put their insights into optimizing your home or business for productivity.

Our Process

The process of building a Waterloo two-story garage begins with an in-depth consultation in an effort to better understand your specific needs in a storage solution. Then we work with you to choose the ideal dimensions, material types, layout and other customizations that make our garage options uniquely tailored to our clients.

Single and Dual Car Garages

Among our most popular options are our two level single car garage configurations, which are designed to provide ample space for your vehicle and most frequently used tools as well as offering a separate enclosure on the upper level to add even more flexibility in storage. We also offer Hi Barn garages that extend the height of both levels to accommodate unique storage or activity requirements.

For our most space needy clients, Waterloo also offers a two story garage with a dual vehicle capacity, providing an incredible amount of space that can be used to deliver constant protection to an extended collection of valuable vehicles or even serve as a living area in some configurations.

Semi-Finished and Finished Two Story Garages

For many hobbyists such as auto enthusiasts, tinkerers and avid sports fans, a utility structure such as a two story garage can become a sanctuary as well as a storage solution, and so Waterloo Structures offers a range of semi-finished and finished design options in our two story garage models as well.

Our Truss Garage model can be erected on the site of a pre-built concrete surface, and for finished garage projects, we also provide expert flooring installation services to transform your garage from a simple roof with walls to a true home away from home. Unlock the potential of this functional addition to your home or business with garage finishing services from Waterloo Structures.

(Nearly) Limitless Possibilities

Our line of two story garages are built to provide our clients with the most storage and flexibility available in a utility structure, and we can always customize any of our designs to bring your blueprint to life. However, any changes to your property may be governed by local ordinances, so be sure to confirm your planned addition with a local official or other reputable resource to avoid any delays or other issues with your planned addition of an outdoor utility structure from Waterloo.


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